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I was born on 1963 and am British of Iranian descent, living both in London and Tehran . I am a self-taught artist who has used many different art techniques over the years. The love of nature and colours is the basis of all my art. Having spent my childhood where the abundance of sunshine gives colours a poetic halo, my fascination with the beauty and the joy of all colours is a story that can never reach an end. I have thousands shades of beige of Sahara and green of jungles pulsating in my veins which made me not to stick with canvas and usual paints and instead go for the unconventional to try and create the beauty as I see it.

I have worked with a variety of media and by focusing on techniques and materials, consider art a craft which is executed using clear rules and which should refer to reality. In my artworks I aim to achieve perfect finish and nature.

In my paintings on glass, I mostly depict Persian carpets and mainly focus on displaying the vibrancy of colours through mediums that are not usually used for this purpose. The colours are so chosen as to give extreme lustre and sparkle to the end result. Most of the larger paintings are executed on thick tempered and anti-slippery glass, which make them convenient to even be installed on floors. Some of the smaller ones have been done on non-reflective 2.5mm thick glass. All the paints that are used are UV resistant.

In my 3D metal artworks on copper, I was in search of a way to combine the depth of 3D modelling and traditional finishes. All the embossing are done by hand and then multiple layers of patina were blended together to create colours that characterizes older copper. All the patinas are created by using chemical reaction on metal, and then protective coating were applied to prevent tarnishing. I have mostly chosen simple patterns for the modelling and then created a mixture of coloured backgrounds by using patina to create colour on recycles scrap metal canvas.

Pyrography or “fire drawing” is the art of burning images on a variety of materials such as wood which is the medium of my choice. Its fascination came when I realised it is a fine arts media through which, exotic beauty can be created. In my pyrography art I use scrap and recycled wood and by using a wide range of tonal values create shading from a pale golden shade to dark textured areas. In some of them I add accents by acrylic paints and inks to give them new life.